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Culture is defined as being a shared set of values and perceptions. Culture is a prominent part of everyday life
Mat time, as it has been to known to be called in our gym, is so critical for upgrades to
As funny as the meme above is meant to be, it's a real thing! Stage fright...every gymnast has it, whether
What a minute....are you trying to pull a fast one on us? You always preach the importance of SLOW progressions
Whatever you do in life, you will be a beginner the first time you do it. That's how it works!
We spend about 25% of the practice doing strengthening and conditioning exercises. Actually, Coach Penelope would probably prefer the amount
Social Media gets a lot of bad publicity, especially lately.  It is definitely NOT a platform or thing that should
So unfortunately, the Project Lead informed us this week that our move-in date for the new gym needs to be
As an athlete, it is easy to get into the habit of comparing yourself to others, whether it be a
We just wanted to remind you about this chart that we created for our students awhile back. It's called "Should
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