Social Media Dilemma

So you think this article is going to tell you to quit Facebook?  On the contrary…..

Social Media gets a lot of bad publicity, especially lately.  It is definitely NOT a platform or thing that should be consumed by everyone.  And definitely, kids & teens need to be monitored and taught how to use social media properly.  On social media, there is a lot….and I mean A LOT, of negativity, hate, evil, and apathy out there.  It can cause people who suffer from depression to feel even more lonely and depressed.  It can make healthy individuals feel self-conscious, sad, angry, unimportant, small, etc.

However, there is another side of social media that is underwhelming and gets very little attention.  Just as a yin-yang is “double sided”, social media does have power to uplift people and change their lives forever and for the better.  We live in confusing times right now, where the same technology that has the power to destroy someone’s life, also has the ability to promote progress, mental health, and good will.

With social media, you have the power to choose what you consume.  You should curate your Feed to display only positive and motivational posts and messages, and in this way use your device to empower your thoughts and feelings.  Follow people who uplift you and push you to become the best person you can be.  Seek out and find motivational speakers and organizations that want to help people.  

Have you heard of the phrase?: “You are what you Eat.”  Well, this applies to your mental health and your psychology as well. Thus, if you choose to view, consume, and participate in negativity, shaming, and trolling, then you will slowly become a superficial and negative person in REAL LIFE.  You will expel success and successful people away from you.  And this will affect your health too.  On the other hand, if you choose to consume only positive, uplifting, and motivational content, then you will slowly become a motivated and positive person in REAL LIFE.  You begin to feel like you can accomplish things, and that you should aim higher and higher.  You will begin to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.  People will want to be around you more, people will gravitate towards you, and you will attract success in all aspects of your life.

I wrote this blog today, because I’m over-hearing that that some of our teen students are beginning to open their own Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Snap accounts.  Their parents are starting to tell us about this.  But this message also applies to us ADULTS as well.  Lots of adults are attracted to hate, anger, and conflict; it is programmed in our genes for survival.  However, As intelligent human beings, we have the ability to rise above this.  We need to be careful and not absorb bad social content, and only absorb the good.

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