Construction Update


So unfortunately, the Project Lead informed us this week that our move-in date for the new gym needs to be pushed back to at least January 1st, due to construction delays.  Construction delays are expected to be a part of every large project, but this is still a little frustrating for us since we are eager to open the new facility asap.  They were supposed to pave the exterior driveway and parking lots last month, but that did not happen and they fell behind.  They informed us that they will pave the exterior within the next 2 weeks or so.  Also, the power company (CL&P) needs to come to finish hook-up.  They are scheduled to come back around mid-November.

On the bright side, we hired our own small contracting company to do the interior build-out.  They are pulling the building permit as we speak, and will start the interior build-out as soon as the permits are approved.  We are having them build a weather-room/mud-room at the main entrance, to keep cold air out.  We are also having them build stairs up to a small viewing area on the second-floor balcony, as well as a small office upstairs that overlooks the gym.

For the specific build-out of the gym itself, we are doing the raised trampoline decking, tramp wall, rod tumbling floors, etc, ourselves.  There is a lot of work coming up soon.  We also have a large amount of equipment in storage that will need to be transported over to the gym soon.





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