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Trampoline Lines are UP!
That’s right! The two trampoline harness systems are installed! Over a three day period, we worked diligently to acquire all
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Do Different Drills, Mix it Up
It is important to mix up the drills every so often.  Every technique can be modified an infinite number of
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Consistency is Key
Have you ever heard the phrase “just show up?” and/or “consistency is key?” If you have, thank the person who
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Gym Updates
The build-out is coming along.  Much of the structural framing for the lobby / viewing area and balcony are done. 
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Comparing Yourself to Others
So I need to tell you all a secret. Here is the secret to life, are you ready?  Here it
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Benefits of Trampoline!
Most people don’t even know that the sport of Olympic Trampoline even exists…and that means they certainly don’t know the
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Building Updates
OMG.  Finally!  I was starting to think this would never happen.  But the parking lot is now officially PAVED.  No more
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Your skills will never leave you
Nicole stopped training about 5 years ago when she was a teenager.  But last week, she came back to visit
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6 Tips for Athletes and the Start of the Competition Season
So…Our competition season officially begins in two weeks…AM I READY TO COMPETE???? Short answer: YES! Get that first competition of
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We hope you had a wonderful and happy thanksgiving last week.  And we hope you enjoyed the break, and rested
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