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Quick Tips on How to Eat Healthy
The Key to eating healthy is to consume the right amount of calories for your activity level so that there
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Soothing Sore Muscles
Let’s face it, training is hard! When you train 4 – 5 times a week, it can really tire your
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Am I too Old?
We get these questions ALL THE TIME: “I’m I too old to start?”, “how many years do I have left
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Let’s Do the Twist
We do A TON of twisting. Like, literally from Day 1. Every student. Basically, if you’re a beginner at our
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10 Ways to Kill your Progress in Athletics & Sports
There’s ton of advice out there about how to be a role model student-athlete. Many articles promise success as long
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New Gym Update
We got some great news today. The team lead & landlord gave us a hard “move in” target for the
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Height is King
We’re back from the 2019 US National Championships in West Palm Beach FL! Whew! What an amazing trip. Great success
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We’re off to Nationals! So training should be intense right?
We're off to Nationals, training should be intense right? Nope!
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Great Article about Olympic Trampoline
I found a great article today.  The interviewer has a talk with John Beer, the Olympic Trampoline Coach for the
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The most important performance of your life?
(Simone Biles looks on nervously after a wobbly and underwhelming beam routine, 2016.) Some coaches and instructors try to “psych”
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