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So you think you’ve Mastered the basics?
Let me start by telling you the truth. No you probably have not. Almost nobody has. I’m talking about the
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Dolphin & Porpoise Progressions
We have uploaded a new video, with progressions and drills for both Dolphin and Porpoise! We hope that you enjoy!
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Fingers, Elbows, Ankle, Toes ♪♪♪
Are you familiar with the traditional children’s song called “Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes“? It helps children learn about the anatomical
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Drills for Double Flips
For the past year, we’ve done hundreds (if not thousands) of reps of double backs and double fronts in the
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NEW Team Competition Attire!
We know for a fact that looking good makes us feel better and, as a result, perform better…and with that
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NEVER Let your Arms go Behind you!
YOU! Yes YOU! I’m talking to you! In trampoline, never ever let your arms go behind your body or spine.
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These Silly Drills Are not a Waste of Time
Do some of these drills seem silly to you? They should! But guess what?? Inside these silly games are crucial
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“A Tournament is like Taking 30 Classes”
“Doing one tournament is like taking 30 classes. We learn from pressure, we learn from being exposed to consequences, and
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Keeping the Class Moving
While we patiently await the opening of our new location, we are constantly finding new ways to teach each individual
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Harness Work
We like to start harness work very early in an athlete’s development. Like on the first day even. Harness work
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