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We are weird....we knowingly teach acrobatic techniques that many other professionals believe are incorrect.  We are probably the only school
  The theme for past few weeks for our intermediate students has been "Just 3 Jumps".  This means that for
Understanding Hierarchical Sports. I can teach you the Level One routine in just 10 minutes, but it will take you
Every once in a while, we have the athletes train both back and front somersaults with the arms held up
Check out Coach Penelope's new spotting technique, with Eleanora!  Ellie is a Level 3 gymnast who is still working on
We found the perfect Tumbl Trak for sale!  40 feet long and comes with a Dismount Landing Mat.  We are
Last week we focused on pushing new routines for the Summer season.  Our goal is to have each athlete be
First Official Coach's Blog Thanks for joining us!  We hope to document our progress and journey with you.  In the
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