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We got some great news today. The team lead & landlord gave us a hard "move in" target for the
We're back from the 2019 US National Championships in West Palm Beach FL! Whew! What an amazing trip. Great success
We're off to Nationals, training should be intense right? Nope!
I found a great article today.  The interviewer has a talk with John Beer, the Olympic Trampoline Coach for the
Some coaches and instructors try to "psych" their athletes up, regardless of the sport.  Phrases like this are meant to
We FINALLY let Sophia perform her full-twisting front without a safety mat.  The video is here first one.  Her skill is
"Details make perfection, but perfection is not a detail." Be deliberate in all of your training, no matter what discipline
About half the new gymnasium has re-bar laid on the floor, and those areas have concrete poured now.  The workers
The three-quarter front is a move that we teach to beginners during their first or second class. We find that
Most coaches agree that the fundamentals are the most important part of gymnastics and trampoline.  This is because all skills
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