Great Article about Olympic Trampoline


I found a great article today.  The interviewer has a talk with John Beer, the Olympic Trampoline Coach for the British Trampoline Team.  The article goes over simple “how-to’s” to prepare for your first lesson in trampoline.  And then it discusses the positive benefits of regular trampoline practice at a gym.  Benefits that they discuss are:

  • Increased shoulder mobility
  • Flattens your belly 
  • Helps your sleep patterns
  • Strengthens and tones your thighs & calves
  • Improves both your strength and your cardio
  • Makes you HAPPIER

And I think the final point is a subtle one, as it’s often overlooked.  I believe that happiness in our lives is the most important thing.  If it makes you happy, keep doing it!  Read the article HERE.

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