Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Olympic Trampoline?  
    • Olympic Trampoline is considered to be the most exciting event in Gymnastics today. Feel free to watch the video of one of Coaches below!  Trampoline is a discipline of USA Gymnastics, which is the governing body of gymnastics in the United States. It is also a permanent sport in the Olympic Games. Professional athletes can reach a height of 25 feet in the air, while performing routines that include double somersaults and triple somersaults, with multiple twists. Maybe YOU have what it takes to become the next Olympic Champion?!
  2. So this is not like a Trampoline Park?
    • NO. And that’s a good thing! Trampoline parks & backyard trampolines can be dangerous.  Please seek the guidance of a certified professional (like us) if you would like to learn trampoline. An Olympic Trampoline is nothing like a backyard trampoline. We carry the same exact equipment that professional & Olympic athletes use, meaning the bed is a string-bed. Olympic string beds never rip/tear, meaning you cannot fall through like on other trampolines! Our facility is 100% matted with safety equipment. We are an official USA Gymnastics Club, and we pride ourselves in our professional classes! Every time a child or Adult visits our training facility, they are learning something new!
  3. What is Tumbling?  Do you teach Floorwork as well?
    • YES!  We also teach competitive Tumbling on floor.  We have a state-of-the-art Rod Power Tumbling floor.  We have hosted power-tumbling competitions at our gym.  We also have a Tumbl Trak, Resi-mat, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, wood dance floor, and MORE.  You can learn everything here.  But our specialty is Trampoline & Tumbling.
  4. How many Olympic Trampolines do you have?
    • Some of the best competitive trampoline programs in the country only carry one trampoline because they are so expensive and take up so much space…..but we have THREE!  An Olympic trampoline costs more than a car (each Olympic trampoline cost around $20,000)!  All of our trampolines are built into the ground.  Everyone takes turns, helps each other out, and has fun together. We also have other state of the art equipment for learning Tumbling, Double-Mini Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Dance, and More.  We’re all really friendly and encouraging!
  5. What should I wear? Are socks required?  
    • Socks are REQUIRED! SO BRING THEM! This is for sanitary reasons, as it keeps our equipment clean from dirt & dust. For learning floor-work and Tumbling, you can remove your socks.  Please wear work-out clothes such as leotards, shorts, sweats, or yoga pants, and refrain from wearing jeans or khakis. Long sleeve shirts are also recommended on your first day because the trampoline bed can be abrasive on elbows for some people, but that is up to you because everyone’s skin sensitivity is different. Long hair should be tied up so that it doesn’t obstruct your vision. And please remove long earrings and obtrusive jewelry. We also recommend bringing bottled water in case you get thirsty.
  6. I would like to know more about your Dance Lessons?
    • We offer the best Ballroom Dance instruction in the state of Connecticut.  Our instructors are high-level dance competitors, who are studied under renown & famous coaches.  Our private lessons are extremely affordable, only $50 per lesson, compared to other schools.  Please email us to schedule private lessons.  You can learn solo (no partner required), or as a couple.
  7. How qualified are your instructors?  
    • We have the best coaches in the United States. And most importantly, we’re super friendly and approachable! Our coaches have competed and judged highest levels.
  8. Can I just show up or “drop-in” for a group class?  I’m a new student. How do I get started?
    • No, if you are a new student at our school, you MUST come in for your 30-min evaluation ($25), no exception.  You will not be allowed to start group-classes without the initial private lesson.  Don’t worry, the 30-min private is fun! You’ll learn a lot and get to know us better!
  9. I do not have any prior experience. Is that OKAY?
    • Yes of course! Most kids & adults have never had any experience before.
  10. Can a complete newbie attend?
    • Yes!  A coach will always be present, and they will help you learn the basic moves.  Just listen, pay attention to our rules, and have fun.  Our coaches LOVE to work with beginners of all ages.
  11. What are the age limits?
    • 6 yrs – 100 yrs old
    • *Anyone under 18 will need to have a legal parent sign a waiver on their behalf.
  12. So ADULTS can learn too? Are you SURE that I’m not too old…?  
      • YES! You’re never too old to improve your life! We are probably the only school that specializes in teaching adults.  Many of our Adults enjoy taking private lessons!  Whether you are solo, or if have a group of adults, just email us to request a time-slot!:
  13. Do I need to sign a waiver?
    • Kids under 18 will need to have a parent sign a waiver.  Adults 18 and over may sign their own waiver.  Without a waiver, you may not participate.
  14. I have a 6-year old child. Is there really any benefit from starting this young? Or should I wait a few more years?
    • Start bringing them NOW. Your child is in his/her prime developmental stage . In less then a year, you will notice how far ahead they are compared to their peers of the same age, in terms of coordination, balance, focus, strength, attitude, social interactions, and Ability to Learn. They will be far ahead of the curve for an exciting & rewarding career in gymnastics & trampoline. So start your child right now!
  15. Can you teach me to do a back flip safely?
    • Absolutely! That’s why we are here! It usually takes a couple months to learn if you’re brand new…so have patience. Everyone learns at their own comfortable pace. If you practice with us consistently, you will eventually learn how to do multiple flips and multiple twists! Just follow our proven system of progressions. You will be addicted to it before long!
  16. Long-term plan: what can my child expect to gain?
    • At the upper levels, gymnasts are invited to travel and compete all over the world, domestically and internationally.  Many Trampolinists have chosen a career of competing & performing as their full-time profession.  Some colleges & universities also offer scholarships to high-level Trampoline athletes.  Athletes can also choose to go into coaching & teaching as a career choice.  And of course, the pinnacle of our sport is the OLYMPICS.  The sky is the limit!  You get out, what you put in!  And that is up to each individual.
  17. I already know how to flip. Can I be allowed to do somersaults on my own?
    • Short answer: Maybe.  Long answer: You cannot do ANY flips unless one of OUR instructors gives you permission to do so. Safety is our #1 priority. If you have prior experience or a strong background in gymnastics, just talk to the coach who is there, and they might give you a quick assessment/test before making an informed decision. We are here to work with you and have some fun together. Always ASK first, or you risk being expelled from the gym indefinitely for breaking the rules. Please respect the coaches’ assessment and decision.  We want a relationship of mutual respect, an environment of safety, and positive learning!
  18. What is “Podium Training”?  Who can attend?  
    • Podium Training is the name for our Trampoline & Tumbling Gymnastics Classes. It is open to all levels and all ages over 6 yrs. Podium Training is available ALL year long. Regular attendance Podium Training is required if you want to be able to compete for our team.  But it’s also great for Recreational students too.
  19. What if I want to attend “Podium Training” because I enjoy the class, but I don’t want to compete?
    • That’s absolutely fine! Competing is up to you! You can still enjoy all the benefits of the class without ever entering a single competition.
  20. If I want to get really good at trampoline. How often should I come?
    • If you are hoping to become a Competitor someday, you should try to come 2x – 3x a week.
  21. Can I host a birthday party or field trip here?  
    • Yes, we do offer fun & affordable parties!  Email us at info@usatrampoline.com for more information and to get a quote!
  22. What are the rules of the school?
    • Like many clubs and schools, we have rules for participants to follow.  USA Trampoline Academy reserves the right to accept, refuse, or revoke Membership without cause. More information HERE.
  23. I have a bad back, neck, knees, shoulders, respiratory issues, etc. Can I still participate in Trampoline & Gymnastics? 
    • NO, not without a doctor’s note.  Please get approval from a physician before joining us, and send us a photocopy of note.  Only your doctor can answer that question.  If you have a former, recurring injury, or known injury, and you do not disclose it properly, you will LEGALLY be held responsible for false information on our Form & Medical Questionnaire.
  24. I am pregnant, can I participate?
    • Unfortunately, no you may not participate in Trampoline or Gymnastics, but you can take Dance Lessons. And congratulations 🙂
  25. I have a few more questions:
    • We’d love to answer all of your questions! Please send us an email to info@USAtrampoline.com
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