Progress Update

About half the new gymnasium has re-bar laid on the floor, and those areas have concrete poured now.  The workers are expecting to finish pouring the rest of the floor by mid-July.  So hopefully, after we come back from Nationals and the summer break, the floor will be done!  Some of sides of the building have interior paneling up already as well.  We are hoping that soon after that, the outdoor paving/parking lot will be performed.

We still don’t have a “hard date” for the completion of the gym.  The project managers still anticipate Fall sometime, with the understanding that sometimes these projects have unexpected delays.  But so far, everything seems to still be on-time.

We’ve also been purchasing and acquiring a ton of the necessary gym equipment.  In the past 2 months alone, we’ve acquired a Tumbl Trak, Dismount Mat, Power Tumbling Floor, and various other trampoline equipment.  Basically, we are all set to move-in and start building the trampoline decking, as soon as they finish the construction!  We hope everyone is getting excited!



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