Height is King

We’re back from the 2019 US National Championships in West Palm Beach FL! Whew! What an amazing trip. Great success for our athletes! Sorry we’ve been absent for so long, but now that we’re back, and can get back to blogging for you again.

One takeaway that we learned from the competition is what we already knew all along: Height is King. What we observed over and over and over again watching the weekend of competitions last weekend, is all else is equal, the athlete who jumps at the higher amplitude will always win. Height measure of control and balance, and can indirectly affect one’s cleanliness and timing. For this upcoming season, we will be sure to focus on building height in our competitive routines, even more than before! We will be introducing new drills and training techniques to help increase each of students amplitudes during their routines. Stay tuned for the results!

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