Just 3 Jumps

3 jumps  3 jumps(2)

The theme for past few weeks for our intermediate students has been “Just 3 Jumps”.  This means that for all skills, routines, and drills, the athletes supposed to start from standing still position, and they only get exactly 3 jumps before they perform their manuevre.  Better make those jumps count!  Through this exercise, we aim to increase the athlete’s mental focus, control, pushing power and amplitude.  Lastly, the athletes are psychologically conditioning themselves to believe that their own skills and routines can be performed with sharpness, clarity, and correct technique without requiring a large amount of vertical altitude, if need be.  Also, the gymnasts tend to be less tired during their skills due to fewer bounces, which directly affects their ability to learn the techniques.  What do you think of this method?

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