Do Different Drills, Mix it Up


It is important to mix up the drills every so often.  Every technique can be modified an infinite number of ways to create an entirely new challenge.  Athletes must not allow their minds or bodies to become too accustomed to performing the same drills the same exact way over and over again.  If the athlete is performing the same motions over and over again, with no change to the external conditions, then plateau, fatigue, and boredom will eventually set-in.  This can lead to very poor performance.

Another reason for changing up the exercises or the drills, these external components or different restrictions can make a simple move a lot more difficult.  In the situation in the video, we have imposed a restriction on the athletes.  They must perform a back-pullover from the end-deck mat, and still attempt to do a kick-out.  This makes things much more difficult than what they are accustomed to, which also makes things more fun and interesting as well.

Other ways that you can bring more challenges to your trampolinist:

  • Restrict the number of prep bounces to an “X” amount, or even zero prep bounces.
  • Require the skill be performed when they are at maximum height
  • Add a specific move in front
  • Add a specific move at the end
  • Perform 2 in a row, connected, or even 3 in a row.
  • Begin from the End Deck
  • Perform the move holding a light object with their hands
  • Perform the move holding a light object with ankles/feet
  • Face a different direction
  • And many more!  Be creative!



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