Back Full Month!

South Australian trampolinist sets sights on Tokyo Olympics - ABC News

This month, us Coaches at USA Trampoline Academy have decided that it is “Back Full Month!” This means that every athlete that is level 5 or above is expected to have a Back Full without a mat by the end of August. We want this move to become a basic!

We have been doing every Back Full drill in the book, plus creating our own and teaching them to our athletes (of all levels) for over a year now. Many of our athletes are so very close to achieving this skill, however, some of them need a little push. We’ve found that in our school, sometimes creating a “deadline” for the kids makes them work a bit harder for that skill.

*Please note*: We would never require our athletes to do something they are not ready to do 🙂 The drills our athletes have been doing for Back Fulls have increased their aerial awareness as well as their overall coordination for executing the entire skill.

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