Don’t be Afraid of Being a Beginner

Whatever you do in life, you will be a beginner the first time you do it. That’s how it works! Whether you like it or not. If you’ve never done something before, then you are a beginner.

We often have athletes that quit prematurely because they feel like they are learning too slowly or not learning at all. New students come in and see other students who have been with us for months to years doing impressive, cool skills and they think “Why am I not doing those same moves?” New students do not understand the learning process because they are just that – NEW. And that’s okay. But to become great at anything – whether it be in a school subject or a sport – you have to start somewhere. New students often tell us that they don’t want to do anymore of the basics and that they think they should be doing flips and harder skills. They feel as if the coaches are withholding information from them, but this is not the case. In order to be proficient at an activity, you must master the basics and drills before moving on to the next skill. In some cases, it takes students one or two years of being a beginner to move on, but this amount of time is necessary for absorbing important information. 1 year is no time at all; that time will pass regardless of whether you choose to train or not. Learn to enjoy the process of being a Beginner. You are not moving “too slowly.” You are growing & learning at the perfect pace!

Just stick with it!

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