Gym Culture

Culture is defined as being a shared set of values and perceptions. Culture is a prominent part of everyday life and is an extremely important factor in the health and well-being of your gym and the success of your athletes. Promoting a positive gym culture that flows through to parents, coaches, and athletes will ensure the upkeep of a fun, healthy, and safe environment for all.

The first impression is ALWAYS the most important. From the moment a new members walks into your gym, he or she has already been impacted by the way they were greeted, how your gym looks, and the attitudes of your athletes. This is why it is so important to be firm on the nature of your gym culture from the beginning.

So, what is “gym culture?” In this context, gym culture is the way in which your athletes, parents, coaches, and other staff conduct themselves on a day to day basis, especially in the gym, but also in other environments. Do you want your gym to have a negative or positive atmosphere? Do you want your athletes to be disrespectful and talk back? Or do you want them to follow directions, be respectful, and help others? If you promote a positive, encouraging atmosphere from the beginning, everyone will follow suit and act accordingly. The way your athletes, parents, and coaches behave reflects the environment of the gym.

We are so lucky to have athletes who WANT to be at the gym. Our athletes have been brought up in a respectful and positive environment, so when new athletes and parents join, they help to show them the way of the gym.

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