So you think you’ve Mastered the basics?

Let me start by telling you the truth. No you probably have not. Almost nobody has. I’m talking about the following skills: doggy drops, seat drops, jump turns, back drops, stomach drops, forward rolls, backward rolls, tuck jumps, straddle jumps, pike jumps, swan jumps, etc. Have you been aiming to perform these 100% accurately? Making sure that your knees are always straight, and your toes are always perfectly pointed, and your feet are always together? Making sure your elbows never bend? Making sure that you’re not hunched over? Making sure you’re always landing on the “X” and in-balance?

If the answer is “YES” and that you’ve been doing them very well. Then Great! NOW DO IT HIGHER! Push the boundaries of your height. This adds a increased element of difficulty. Many people can do a seat drop very clean, but they are usually very low. Very few athletes can perform skills at maximum height with the same level of skill & control. Aim to perform all of your basic positions at near maximum height, with 90% cleanliness or more, and now we’re your in business!

If you can do the basics at Maximum height, with the same level of precision and control that you have at a low height, then now you’ve truly Mastered the Basics. And now you’re ready to learn some very interesting new moves & skills. Which should be very easy for you to learn.

And if you haven’t mastered the balance & coordination at a low-height yet, then get to work! You know where you have to start. Low and slow is the key for beginners.

A very young Simone Biles shows off her Straddle Jump. How many straddle jumps do you think Simone practiced early in her career? Thousands? Hundreds of Thousands? Do you think her mastery of the basics has helped her later in her career?

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