NEVER Let your Arms go Behind you!

Never allow your arms go behind your body! Just don’t! It’s so wrong.

YOU! Yes YOU! I’m talking to you! In trampoline, never ever let your arms go behind your body or spine. This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. This is terrible terrible form; it will throw you completely off balance, and it’s soooo ugly. If a judge at a competition sees you doing your positions with your arms behind your body, you’re already done! Even if it’s a seat-drop, your arms shoudn’t get behind your spine. That’s major deductions in your routines! How many of you allow your arms go behind your spine in a Seat Drop? How difficult is it to keep your arms by your sides in the seat drop? The judges think it’s very easy to do, and will take away tons of points. How about when you stand up from a Stomach-drop? Did you soldier your arms like you were taught in your first class? Or were you lazy about standing up? JUDGES NOTICE EVERYTHING, especially things that were taught to beginners. Try to be conscious of what your arms are doing at all times.

You don’t think I’m talking to you? I would estimate that 75% of people swing their arms behind them just when they jump, that’s not even a move, so it’s a good bet that YOU are one of them. And almost 90% of people do it after a position such as a tuck jump, straddle jump, pike jump, or standing up from a Stomach Drop. At most, your arms should come to your sides, but never behind. There are NO POSITIONS OR SKILLS in trampoline when your arms should go behind your spine, not even a back-drop or seat-drop. It is a very beginner mistake in which 90% of you are making, even the experienced athletes! Clean up your arm positioning and you will notice MORE balance, MORE control, MORE height, sharper moves, and BETTER SCORES at competitions! DO IT THIS WEEK. Fix it!

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