These Silly Drills Are not a Waste of Time

Do some of these drills seem silly to you? They should! But guess what?? Inside these silly games are crucial movements that are hidden/disguised as funny challenges. Students sometimes think these are just fun games and contests….but what they are actually learning is acrobatic awareness and adaptation to the situation. They are also learning how to calculate and compensate for constraints that we’ve placed on them. The student is learning which way is up, which way is down, when should they move quickly, when should they move more slowly, how to approach this new challenge or constraint, and so on. They also learn to be more creative with their movements. Athletes will quickly figure out why something works, or why something doesn’t work, on their own instead of simply having the coach tell them the answer. This gives them a better sense of Physics and Science of motion, which is extremely important for all gymnasts and trampolinists. So if you see our athletes enjoying some silly games…..they’re actually performing advanced calculations in their head!

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