Gym Updates


The build-out is coming along.  Much of the structural framing for the lobby / viewing area and balcony are done.  Just need to install the stringers & stairs, as well as the railing posts for the balcony, and a few other things.  After the framing is done, the electricians will install the fuse-box and outlets, and then they’ll be ready to put in the drywall.  After that, we will have to lay down flooring as well.  Overall, the progress is coming a long.  So please be patient with us!

We also have to wait before crew is done with their jobs before we can move our gym equipment in, since there are lots of lifts and construction in the area right now.  There’s a lot of moving parts, especially making sure that we do everything that the Town requires, such as building codes, and the correct permits & applications.

We apologize for the delay, but we think that you will enjoy the new gym very much.  The layout of the entire space will be very well thought-out.  It is very smartly planned or both spectators & athletes alike.  The new building will be your “one stop” shop for all things related to trampoline, tumbling, gymnastics, & dance!  So please bear with us, while we try to make things absolutely PERFECT FOR YOU!



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