Building Updates


OMG.  Finally!  I was starting to think this would never happen.  But the parking lot is now officially PAVED.  No more dirt!  They’ve been telling us “any week now” for about 3 months!  They were originally going to pave around Labor Day, that’s right….IN SEPTEMBER!  But, better late than never!  (They still need to paint the parking lot lines at some point, and clean up the exterior and get it approved by the town before we can officially open).

Now, this week we are hoping to finish the framing for the upstairs viewing area.  Our contractor, Steve Lewis, wants to try to have it done by the weekend.  He has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and if you need a recommendation for ANY work being done for your home or your project, let us know, and we’ll refer him to you.  He also did commercial work on the Sandbox in Mystic, go check it out!  Awesome for some winter time fun.

Things are finally moving along, but we’re by no means DONE YET.  Once the interior framing is done, the building inspector will need to visit and “approve”.  Then we can have the electricians come in, and also we will need to get it all sheet-rocked.  Then we need to move our Gym equipment in, and build our specific gymnastics sections, plus lay the flooring and matting.  But at least progress is being made!  I’m now predicting a Late January or Early February date for the Grand-Opening.


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