We hope you had a wonderful and happy thanksgiving last week.  And we hope you enjoyed the break, and rested your muscles! Truthfully, we’re eager to get back into the gym and start training again.  Although rest and recover is important….we get an itch whenever we’re on break for too long.  And we know that you get anxious too whenever you’re away from the gym for too long.  Everyone is eager to get back in the air and flipping around again!  We’re officially in December now, so let’s break those barriers and push for those new skills, new routines, and fine-tuning the old ones.  This is going to be a great end to 2019!

This year, we are extremely thankful and grateful for every member of our club.  Yes YOU!  Even the newcomers!  We LOVE every single one of our students, young & old!  We are thankful that you have decided to share your lives with us.  Thinking about your progressions & techniques always keep us up at night, as we create new plans for each of you.  We love this sport, and we cannot thank you enough for sharing this journey with us.

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