Am I too Old?

We get these questions ALL THE TIME: “I’m I too old to start?”, “how many years do I have left to compete?”, “what’s the maximum age-limit for competing & training?”, “can an adult learn?”, “can a senior learn? etc. ANYONE CAN START TRAINING AT ANYTIME! You’re never too old to start. Sure, it would’ve been better to start training at 6 years old….we’re not going to lie to you. But NOW is as good a time as any. And as you’ll read below, there are many advantages to starting later in life. I want to share some facts with you that I’ve witnessed through my career as a Gymnastics and Trampoline coach:

NOT EVERY OLYMPIAN STARTED AS A TODDLER! Did you know this fact??? Some of Olympians started in their mid-teens believe it or not! When you have innate talent, you can play catch-up and make to the the biggest stage in the world.

ADULTS are great students. Most adults absorb the philosophical, mental, and scientific side of the the sport much more than kids & teens. Adults are concerned with angles, speed, precise height, forces, and trajectories. Kids & Teens are not! Thus, in many aspects, adults are way easily to teach than children/teenagers. I find that adults absorb the information and directions much more easily. Their mental endurance and focus tends to be stronger too. This is extremely helpful when I am trying to impart information to the individual. Adults are also way better at visualization and pattern recognition. ALL of this is a PLUS!

We have taught SENIOR CITIZENS with great success. I think that the oldest person whom I’ve ever taught trampoline to was in their late 60’s/early 70’s! Trampoline & Gymnasts helps with their coordination, physical endurance, and mobility. It significantly reduces their chances of falling and tripping in everyday life, and also helps Seniors live a more healthy and full-filling life.

There is NO AGE LIMIT FOR COMPETING! This is another fact! There is absolutely no age limit for competing. On the contrary, since Olympic Trampoline takes so lonnngggggg to Master, most of the highest-level Elites are much older than you think! Many of them are close to 30 years old, and some are even older. Some of the top competitors are working adults! The lifespan of an Olympic Trampoline career is very long because of the low-impact to joints and tendons, as well as the reduced number of injuries. I have seen 40+ year olds competing at Level 10! So you still think that you’re too old huh?

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