Summer Workshops!

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So what exactly is it???

Is it a Summer Camp? 
Our workshops meet 2 days a week, SPREAD OVER THE COURSE OF A 2 WEEK PERIOD!  This is because we believe rest days are just as important as workshop days! “Music is the space between the notes.” We believe that students will be more well-rested for the active days, IF they have built-in off-days. This fully immersive experience will be great for any student-athlete, regardless of their age or skill level.

Ages 6 – Adult; Men & Women
Dates: June 22, June 24, June 29, July 1 (Mon/Weds)
Drop-off/Arrival time: Between 8a – 9a
Pick-up/Departure time: Between 2p – 3p
Demo Day (optional, but encouraged):  Fri July 3 @ 2P

Ages 6 – Adult; Men & Women
Dates: July 14, July 16, July 21, July 23 (Tues/Thurs)
Drop-off/Arrival time: Between 8a – 9a
Pick-up/Departure time: Between 2p – 3p
Demo Day (optional, but encouraged): Fri July 24 @ 2P

Ages 6 – Adult; Men & Women
Dates: Aug 3, Aug 5, Aug 10, Aug 12 (Mon/Weds)
Drop-off/Arrival time: Between 8a – 9a
Pick-up/Departure time: Between 2p – 3p
Demo Day (optional, but encouraged): Fri Aug 14 @ 2P

*We will have a short lunch-break each day. Please pack a lunch. Refrigerator & microwave will be provided.

**If you cannot attend your Demo-Day Exhibition date, you may still perform in a subsequent demo-day for Free if you wish!

+ After-hours care is available, by request, for a slight add-on fee.  Please let us know 1 week prior if you require.  

In 2 weeks, you may see a huge upgrade in skill. That’s the beauty of our fully immersive workshop.

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Who is this workshop for? 
Everyone! No experience is required. You don’t even need to be a member of our school to participate! If you are new, we can teach you the basics of Tumbling & Trampoline from scratch! We cater to each student’s comfort & skill level. Age range is 6 yrs – Adult.  We separate students based on their age & ability. If you are a beginner/newcomer, then this workshop will be a fun way to introduce you to tumbling & trampoline. If you are a competitive athlete, then this workshop will give you a competitive edge when the season begins.

What will you learn? 

  • Olympic Trampolining 
  • Tumbling
  • Double-mini Vault
  • Dance
  • Flexibility
  • Extra Harness Work
  • Skill Upgrades
  • Open Practice Time
  • and more!

NEW: Demo-Day Exhibition!  We’ll help you select an discipline (or two) and perform it!  Great opportunity for you to collect, share, & post videos! For example, athletes can perform a brand-new routine, or they practice “competing” a different event/apparatus, or they may decide to partner with someone and learn one of our dance routines to perform, or they may performing a new tumbling element/pass, etc.  Coaches will assist!

Come learn from some of the best coaches in the country!

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Cost per Session:

Early Registration:  195/ student – ends May 8
Regular Registration:  250/ student – ends May 31
Late Registration: 275/ student – June 1 or after (depending on space)

*Only a 75.00 non-refundable deposit, per workshop, is required to enroll. The remainder can be paid on your very first day! Email us at to enroll TODAY! Space is limited.  

Pay-per-Day Option:

Early Registration:  60/ student / day – ends May 8
Late Registration:  70/ student/ day – May 9 of after (depending on space)

**This option is for students who cannot commit to attending an entire 2 week session, but still want the benefits of participating on certain dates of your choice, and still receive a slight discount! Just tell us which dates which you’ll be attending, and a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to enroll in those dates!
NOTE: You must attend at least 2 days in the same Session in order to participate in the Demo Day Exhibition for Free.

Multiple Session Discount:

When you register for 2 FULL SESSIONS, get the 3rd session for only 95.00! You heard us, an entire session of training for only 95! Build on skills you learn by attending All 3 sessions! 

**Company EIN info available by request for a write-off!**

Make lots of Friends!

–  Everyone is welcome in our positive & encouraging atmosphere  –

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Space is Limited! Register before it’s too late!

– Take your abilities to the next level –

To register: Spaces limited. To reserve your spot today, just email And we will send you an online invoice to pay the deposit. It’s easy!

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