Our Clinics

Our clinics/seminars are open to members & non-members alike.  Seminars focus on a specific trampoline or tumbling skill or facet that is essential for every gymnast’s progression. We highly encourage athletes on our Team who are levels 5 & up attend as many of our Clinics and Seminars as possible; these skills, progressions, and concepts will become very important to you in the near future! Don’t forget to bring a pen and notebook!


Upcoming Seminars…

Sunday June 14
8am – 12pm
Topic: “Ball-istic Ballouts” (& Beyond)
Open to all-levels

Friday July 31 
8am – 12pm
Topic: “Double Trouble”
Open to all-levels

Sunday Aug 23 
8am – 12pm
Topic: Fulls, Rudi, Randi’s ‘oh my’
Open to all-levels

*NOTE: Each seminar may be adjusted to the student’s skill level, if the gymnast is not ready to complete the whole move, that is OK. Every student will still be given correct lead-ups and drills that are appropriate for their skill-level. Useful progressions will be given to all students to practice and study. 

Get TONS of reps in just a few hours!


Cost per Clinic:

60 (until one week prior)
70 (walk-ins/ day of)


Personalized attention from Friendly Coaches!

To register: To register, just email info@usatrampoline.com. And we will send you an online invoice to pay online. It’s easy!


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