SOAR’N Program

sport_gymnastics_gym_girlSpecial Olympic Adaptive Retentive Needs Program

Begins Dec 1st, 2018

Session A: Saturdays 9a – 9:30a

Session B: Saturdays 9:30a – 10a

5 Weeks; limited to 6 students per Session

For the first time ever, this is a FREE pilot program. Eligible candidates must email in order to apply. First come, first serve. We have a maximum capacity of 12 students for this pilot program. Age range is 6 yrs – 16yrs. We will try place students in the appropriate session, depending on their Age, and we will let you know whether they are in Session A or B. Because space is sought after, candidates who are accepted must be willing to commit to attendance every week in December, barring sickness or illness. If we’ve reached maximum capacity, you can still send us an email and we can add your child on a wait-list for future participation in the following months. To apply, eligible candidates should complete the following 2 forms and email them to   


SOAR’N (Registration Form)

*Please be aware of the physical aspects required to participate in this sport. If you have any questions or concerns for your child, please visit your doctor or primary care physician for approval.  


Classes are held during quiet time in the gym and are small (approximately 6 students per class), to minimize distractions and allow for individual attention.

Adaptive trampoline & gymnastics greatly benefits children and teenagers with learning disabilities. The coaches at USA Trampoline Academy have a wonderful history of helping children and teens with Down Syndrome and those who are on the spectrum for Autism, as well as Others. Routine physical lessons are proven to enhance a person’s cognitive, mobile, and listening skills, as well as confidence and courage. Structured classes improve your child’s self-esteem, communication, and socializing skills. These improvements are also accompanied with stronger muscles, which in turn improve both gross & fine motor coordination.  Our SOAR’N program, (Special Olympic Adaptive Retentive Needs program), is specially designed and catered to the needs of your child or teen. During the class, we tone down the music to help everyone focus on learning and improving their body awareness. If students become adept enough, your child may graduate out of the SOAR’N program and continue taking classes in one of our other fun programs (if you desire), so that they may have a life-long career in gymnastics and trampoline.spotlight-specialNeeds


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