KIDS! Trampoline & Tumbling

Trampoline & Tumbling class for ages 6 - 9 years of age. Class is light & fun, with lots of Positivity!  All students encouraged to learn at their own pace. Students will learn: 1) Olympic Trampoline, 2) Tumbling, and 3) Double-mini vault. This class is suitable for both recreational students & competitors. Members only!

Olympic Trampoline (Teens – BEGINNERS)

BEGINNERS ONLY! (Levels 1 - Levels 5) Ages 10 & up. This class is part of our Podium Training Series. Be prepared to work HARD. Coaches will push you to achieve results. Learn twists, somersaults, technique, routines, drills, & conditioning.  Both recreational students & competitors are allowed. MEMBERS ONLY!

Power Tumbling/Double Mini (Teens – All Levels)

ALL LEVELS WELCOME! Ages 10 & up. This course is part of our Podium Training Series. Learn USAG tumbling passes & elements on our Power Tumbling Floor & Tumbl Trak. We will also use the trampoline to hone specific tumbling skills. Learn rolls, dives, somersaults, handsprings, handstands, whips, artistic elements, strength elements, twisting skills, connections, … Continue reading Power Tumbling/Double Mini (Teens – All Levels)

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