Home Schooler Class (Intermediates)

For athletes with experience! One of our most popular classes! Students will learn to flip, twist, and tumble on different apparatuses. Only full-time home schoolers allowed. In order to qualify for this class, students must 1). Be able to perform a somersault without a harness, and 2). Have a coaches approval, OR 3). Be 14 … Continue reading Home Schooler Class (Intermediates)

Rising Stars

Open to ages 6-9 years old. The Rising Stars Kids Class is by Coach's Invitation only, participants are admitted based on either Skill-level and/or Maturity. This is an accelerated course. Athletes will be expected to work hard, pay attention, and listen to Coaches at all times. Note: For those who are NOT on the Unlimited … Continue reading Rising Stars

Dance Class

Dance class for Ages 10 to Adult, both men & women. No experience required, we will teach you from scratch. All students encouraged to learn at their own pace. Students will learn classical dance technique. Train for competition or recreation! MEMBERS ONLY!

Adults Only Trampoline!

Adults 18+ only! Trampoline class for ages 18 – 100 years! Beginners are WELCOME, we can teach you FROM SCRATCH. No experience required! You’ll get in shape, have fun, meet awesome people, get toned, and learn AMAZING SKILLS on our trampolines. Class is light & fun, with lots of Positivity! All students encouraged to learn … Continue reading Adults Only Trampoline!

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